Best early retirement blogs

best early retirement blogs

Probably the most well known personal FI blog in the UK, Simple Living in A very new blog but already going strong and building up a good readership. These retirement blogs are the best, with topics ranging from highly Fritz Gilbert retired early from the commodities trading business and. Here are the best blogs on early retirement and financial freedom. And personally some of my favorites all around. All of these guys are financially able to retire. Also, South Dakota is a great place! Not there yet Joe but working on it like a few others…. July 22, at 7: Steve is also an avid photographer. We are on a similar timeline as you — 5 years or less, hopefully much less! Hey man, first time on your blog here. At the website, you'll find tips on optimizing your tax situation including techniques for harvesting capital gains in order to increase the cost basis of your holdings, positioning you for lower taxes in the future and limiting your fixed expenses through techniques such as car-free living. We may receive a referral fee if you sign up through the referral links on Retire By Truthfully hoping, your dream come true. The daily hikes got me back into the physical fitness groove and my camera was working overtime to capture some stupid-beautiful stuff here in the Pacific Northwest. Check your email to confirm your subscription. Neither is exactly early retirement, but they are both about financial independence, and, in the case of Paula at Afford Anything, a good resource on investment properties. I highly recommend you to visit these blogs, read their stories and try to follow their advice so that you can also become financially free and retire early in your life.

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Financial Samurai did a really great write up here: But on the other, folks are dreading the looming swing the other way. In , I was intensely unhappy with my engineering career. Michelle March 18, , Supersavers and married couple Winnie and Jeremy explore the world while educating readers on the financial and location independent lifestyle through their blog, Go Curry Cracker. Keep reading his blog for his great money saving master table that will help you a lot in understanding how to save and grow your hard earned money for your retirement.

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I added a few new sites to the list. Yep-that 8C has got to be the best looking car made this century by some way. Derek is a BS with Mech Engg degree and the owner of Wisepair Inc. See Inside The Creepy Abandoned Mansion That's Been Untouched For Nearly 50 Years. Nathan Investment Hunting March 18, , 9: I played around with it for a year before I started putting a lot of money into it. The list starts with advanced-level retirement blogs. I found your story to be compelling. Love the story and I think you will too. I love your story. Tako definitely marches to the beat of his own drum and I respect him for that. We are so close, yet so far away, and it makes going to work that much harder.

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